Guardian Concert Band member Honoured

Leyland honoured by euph addition

The Leyland Band enjoyed welcoming 90 year old Don Bateman to their euphonium section at their recent Armed Forces concert.

   The band were honoured to have Don in their ranks for the performance of ‘Colonel Bogey’.

They had arranged for 90-year-old local army veteran Don Bateman to join their euphonium section, for which he received a standing ovation from the packed audience following the performance of the classic Kenneth Alford march, ‘Colonel Bogey’.


The band had been approached by the concert organisers to see if Don could play with them, and were delighted to arrange for him to come to a rehearsal for a pre-concert run through.

Don had spent 25 years in the army playing all over the world, and had in fact played a few times with the band before Richard Evans took over the helm.

Following his service, Don’s civilian life took an interesting turn when for five years he played in the pit orchestra at Liverpool’s Shakespeare Theatre where he often supported comedian, Ken Dodd.

More recently he led his own orchestra in Lancashire and still commutes twice a week to Preston and nearby Lytham to perform in two concert bands.

Our honour

A band spokesperson said: “It was a delight to have Don with us. He said it was an honour for him, but really it was an honour for us to pay our respects to him all those who have been past and present members of the Armed Forces.”

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